The Year of Big Dreams


Happy New Year! Yes, I know this post is a week late but better late than never, right?

2014 is going to be an exciting year for me! I’ve set some goals that I plan to achieve and some resolutions that I plan to fulfill. These goals and resolutions can be split into three main areas: writing, money-making and personal growth. I won’t go too much into the latter two since those don’t really have much to do with this blog but I will however talk about how I plan to improve my writing skills in this year.

Essentially, my ultimate goal is to start gaining experience by writing for bigger blogs. To be successful in the field of writing, one needs to have ample amounts of practice and loads of experience (plus references) that will reflect well on a CV. I’ve thought about applying for volunteer positions listed on Video Game Journalism Jobs to get myself started but as I read through some of my writing, I see far too much that I need to do before I can consider myself worthy of being a contributor to those websites searching for volunteers.

I am not critical enough of the world around me and what I feel is stopping me from becoming so is my lack of knowledge. A few years ago, I stopped being the bookworm that I was because studying for public exams took over most of my life and I became too engrossed with other pastimes that led me astray from learning more about the things around me and the things that should have mattered. Gone were the days when I could read a 600-page book in one day and in came my fruitful yet short-lived obsession with making music. That’s all going to change though.

Starting this year, I will be reading more about subjects in popular culture that interest me, be it in books, magazines, blog posts, articles, you name it. I currently have a three books on video game culture that I’m planning to finish reading before my semester break ends. I just finished David Kushner’s Masters of Doom today and started on Harold Goldberg’s All Your Base Are Belong To Us. Additionally, I’ll be reading materials on how to become a better writer. Of course, this will come in tandem with actual practice that I will be doing mainly while writing for this blog and writing for content mills on the side.

This year will bring in a new beginning unlike any other for me. I will definitely be doing my very best to keep my resolutions this time around and I’m determined to make serious progress. I hope you can stick around and watch me as I grow!

2 thoughts on “The Year of Big Dreams

  1. I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but I am working with United We Game to get a volunteer guest blogging-themed holiday going this month (

    I doubt the especially big blogs will be participating, but I am sure many of the smaller ones that you perhaps already read would be willing to consider guest posts you’ve written them. Even if they haven’t heard of Voluntines, its still a pretty good excuse to get your foot in the door and start a conversation without having to put too much of yourself on the line.


    • Thanks for sharing! I seem to have missed that post, so I’m glad you linked it here.

      It sounds like a really great way to create a closer writing community. I’ll see if I can write something up in time for Voluntine’s Week, but in any case, I’m excited to see the content that’ll come out of this event! Thanks for the encouragement!


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