I believe everyone has their own story to tell. I’m interested in people, the world and the promise of tomorrow.

Blog - About HeaderThank you very much for stopping by my blog! I am Kristeen Romero.
I am a writer, digital media researcher, YouTuber, culture enthusiast and optimist.

Life is a continuous journey of learning and pursuing a better self.

My purpose is to help people gain a unique perspective from the thoughts and opinions I choose to share on this blog.

Writing enables me to truly reflect on knowledge I’ve acquired and see a complex web of connections. It allows me to add value to what I know and hopefully, reading my contemplations allows YOU to learn with me. 🙂

Let’s share this journey together. ❤


A shot of me as a summer intern for RTHK

Interviewing Sze Lai-Shan as an intern for Radio Television Hong Kong during the summer of 2014

To put it briefly: it is my passion for connecting with other people.

This is something I’ve only come to recognize fairly recently, after going through a bout of depression and seeking therapy. But now that I’ve become more self-aware and more honest with myself, I’m going full-throttle to pursue the things that make me genuinely happy.

I simply LOVE meeting people from all over the world and getting to know how different their experiences are from mine. But I can’t really expect people to share without being open myself. So I’ve decided to take the initiative to contribute, in hopes that it will encourage all of us to learn from each other. And maybe make a couple of friends along the way as well. (That said, feel free to strike a conversation with me on social media. I would love to interact with you!) 😀


PanickedPixel Logo

PanickedPixel is my very own personal brand, it is a platform for me to share my musings and experiences with people just like you! People who are interested in video games, computer hardware, gadgets, digital media and just general geek culture, sprinkled with some personal stuff here and there.

The brand extends to video content that that I create for YouTube, which includes reviews, Let’s Plays and vlogs.


// Where are you located?
I’m currently living in Hong Kong, was born and raised here by my Filipino parents. I should probably mention that despite that, my Chinese is not that great but I do know enough to get by.

I am a Scorpio, an INFJ (The Protector) and a Type 2 (The Helper) with a 3 wing (The Achiever) on the Enneargram. My temperament is Melancholic.

// You look awfully familiar to this other person I follow on Twitter/YouTube…
Well… if you happen to be following a person named kran, then wow, you must really like me a lot! kran is the alias I go under when uploading singing covers on another YouTube channel I own. Been doing it since 2009 so I’m relatively well-known (with over 12,000 subscribers).

// Are you currently going to school? What are you majoring in?
I’m about to go into my final year of college, taking a major in Language & Communication and a minor in Integrated Business. Planning to go into the digital media industry in the future! For now, I’m also working as a research assistant on the side.

// Have you written for any other websites/institutions?
Yes, I have! I wrote a few articles for Hong Kong Geoschools and ArcadePixels. I’ve also co-authored a case study on the mobile apps market and written an award-winning essay in response to the question “What is freedom?“. Samples of my writing are available upon request!

// Who makes the graphics for your brand? It looks so cool!
Aw, that’s really sweet of you! All graphic work for my blog and YouTube channel are done by yours truly, unless otherwise stated.

// This page is so long! Why did you include your blog posts at the very bottom?
As much as I would like to remove the blog posts from this about page, the free version of WordPress unfortunately does not allow me to do so. We’ll both just have to deal with it. (On the bright side, at least you now know that you’re not suffering alone!)


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All of it sounded very promising.

In these past couple of years, they’ve rebranded their package and product design, and have even dived into creating Bluetooth headsets and other gaming peripherals — with mixed results in my opinion. With all those under their belt, it only seemed inevitable that they would try to revamp some of their current products.

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