SADES: Two Versions of their Products Explained

SADES - Economic Version and International Version

I’ve covered at least eight SADES products on this blog and my YouTube channel since starting PanickedPixel in 2013.

SADES reviews have always been my most popular pieces of content, and with over four years of talking about their brand, I’ve seen my fair share of frequently asked questions and comments about their offerings. Many of them surround confusion about product features, driver downloads and after-sales service — something even I was unsure about despite having contacts at the company.

Thankfully, they’ve addressed some of this with anĀ official statement on their Twitter account. The bottom line? SADES actually has two different versions of their product and they want everybody to know about it.

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HGST Ultrastar AK72000 Hard Drive Teardown & Disassembly

Two months ago, I wrote about my tech teardown project for 2018, and over the weekend, I finally uploaded the first video in this series. You can check it out above!

I struggled a bit deciding how to handle the teardown footage but I’m pretty happy with how this turned out so far and will keep the same format for future teardowns.

More about my video formatting decisions in a future post. For now, I hope you all enjoy this chill little teardown video!

2018: My Year of the Tech Teardown

Opening up a hard disk drive for the first time.

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog. Mostly out of confusion for what I wanted to write here since I’ve been trying to get my personal brand up and running on various other platforms. Was it an existential crisis of sorts? Yeah, I guess you could say that.

Truthfully though, I think I was trying to do things I thought I should be doing, rather than things I actually wanted to do. It was terrible for my motivation as a content creator and it dragged a lot of my ideas down. Sorry, past self. I promise we’ll do better this time around.

It took me a while to realizeĀ this and well, here we are now. So recently, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. About things I’m genuinely I’m genuinely interested in, and have decided to take a side project this 2018:

Opening up broken tech and learning about their insides.

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