SADES SA-903 Stereo 7.1 Sound Effect USB Gaming Headset Review

SA-903 Review

While playing Titanfall with a friend last week, I finally decided it was time for me to get a gaming headset because first of all, my friend was complaining about the background noise from my desktop mic, and secondly, the headphones I was using was more suited to music-listening rather than gaming. With the US$48 I’ve been saving up for computer accessories, I scoured the Internet for headsets that were well-worth the price tag. That’s how I stumbled upon the impressive SADES SA-903 gaming headset by Shenzhen Sades Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

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“Seduce Me” PC Demo Impressions: Uninspiringly longer than it should be

Seduce Me Demo 2014-03-06 22-43-41-701

While roaming around Kickstarter a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a campaign for an otome game called Seduce Me by Seraphim Entertainment, a PG-16 project that is set to have full voice-acting. Being the Japanophile that I am, I have played a number of dating simulation type games (otome and bishoujo alike) in the past. At first, out of curiosity as to why people enjoyed them so much, but soon, I became interested in how the writers would try to vary the experience in order to separate themselves from other competing games. Not having played an otome in over a year, I decided to give Seduce Me a shot.

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