Unboxing + Review ☆ E-BLUE Mazer Type-R Gaming Mouse

Hey, everyone! I’m back with another review. This time, it’s of an US$17 gaming mouse from Japanese company E-BLUE. Product details are below!

Product: E-BLUE (E-3LUE) Mazer Type-R 2400 DPI USB Wired Optical Gaming Mouse
Designed in Japan, assembled in China
Price paid: HK$128 (about US$17)

Model number: EMS 124 BK
Features: Braided cable, 4 DPI Settings (600/1200/1800/2400), 6 keys
Company website: http://e-3lue.com/
Product page: http://e-3lue.com/int/individual%20product/Mazer%20-R.html

This review is in video form because it’s crunch time right now and I’ve been completely swamped with college projects and papers recently. My time for writing has been dedicated to assignments and studying rather than developing content Kooky’s Save Point because of that. When you’re writing four different papers at once, you start wanting to break out of the humdrum and do something new, which is why I’ve been making video content lately.

Don’t worry though! I’ll be in tip-top form soon enough and will be posting weekly again by late May hopefully. I’m really looking forward to being super productive during the summer break!

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