Influent: Language Learning Game (Japanese) ☆ Let’s Take A Look!

Here’s a quick look at the language learning game ‘Influent’ available on Steam. It’s a game focused on vocabulary acquisition and is currently available in the 10 different languages listed below!

Game: Influent
Available on Steam (
Developed by Rob Howland
Published by Three Flip Productions
Released March 20, 2014
Languages: Spanish (Español), German (Deutsch), Korean (한국어), Latin (Latina), French (Français), English, Swedish (Svenska), Bulgarian (български), Mandarin Chinese (官话) and Japanese (日本語).

5 thoughts on “Influent: Language Learning Game (Japanese) ☆ Let’s Take A Look!

  1. Com Pu Ta~
    Interesting game. I’ve been actually waiting for a game that will teach me Japanese (cuz i’m just that lazy). Though this one is …not perfect yet, I think someone is going to steal this idea and make a new one! *excited*


    • I’m hoping someone makes a game that at least includes basic grammar or sentence structures. Maybe something where you have to hold a conversation and choose the grammatically-correct response? 😀


  2. It looks like a decent way of gamifying vocab acquisition, though a bit more ‘game’ would be nice.

    Also, I think this is the first time I’ve listened to you do a narration. You did well. Other than a few hard stops (probably necessary since you were trying to sound out the words), you kept a nice flow throughout. I look forward to more!


    • Agreed. It didn’t feel too much like a ‘game’. It felt much too similar to using an online dictionary or language-learning website with pictures. The only thing they added was the element of exploration. Was an interesting idea though!

      On the topic of narration: I’m working on reducing my ums and uhs. I think they’ve gotten worse ever since I got braces a couple of months ago. I’m still trying to get used to pronouncing things with metal in my mouth. Bleh!


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