First Post: A New Beginning

first post

Hello and welcome to Kooky’s Save Point! I’m Kooky, the creator of this blog, and I’m writing this little introductory post to briefly tell you who I am and the what I want to do with this site. If you’re looking for a more in-depth and detailed description, please feel free to head over to my about page. You’ll find a much longer post there. 🙂

As a person who’s always loved writing and expressing myself, I’ve started many personal blogs in the past. Most of those didn’t last too long because I’d always have a hard time establishing a following but I always had fun writing little essays for my school assignments and I still do. Growing up, I’ve come to realize that writing is something I want to do professionally and to accomplish that successfully, I’ll need to have a lot of practice. This is where this blog comes in!

Kooky’s Save Point will serve as a platform for me to post content that allows me to refine my writing skills and challenge myself to form opinions about the world around me. I’ll mostly be writing about games, anime and instant food because those are what interest me the most. The style I’m aiming for in this blog will be casual and occasionally humorous (if I can ever manage to come up with something witty) because I want to be a friend to anyone who decides to read my posts. I also like using pictures so do expect to see a lot of them in this blog.

I hope I can deliver some interesting content for you in the future. Feedback is most certainly welcome so feel free to leave a comment or fill out a form on my contact page. You already have my love and affection for reading this post but it would be awesome if you could follow/subscribe to this blog via e-mail (button available below) or the RSS feed.

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