“The Banner Saga” PC Review: Only a beautiful facade

the banner saga header

This review contains slight spoilers that are presented as vaguely as possible. If you don’t want to be spoiled, even slightly or vaguely, please proceed to another post.

As my caravan of men and giants marches through the harsh snowy cold, I glance at my rations. I realize that we might not have enough to keep us all alive before reaching the next city. I hope and I pray that our food lasts or some kind soul decides to be our savior. But before long, bandits stop us in our tracks and demand that we give them a load of our food. The dredge are following right behind us so I need to handle this quick. I’m faced with a few options: 1) hand over the food and have my caravan starve earlier, 2) tell them about the incoming threat in hopes that they will leave us be, or 3) fight to keep our rations.

Not being a person who frequents Kickstarter, I only heard about Stoic Studio’s The Banner Saga when I first saw it open up for pre-order on Steam. Enticed by the stunning visuals and the grand orchestral music from the trailers and first impression videos I saw, I read more about the game and was pleased to find that it was a role-playing strategy game that seemed to have an emphasis on story. I decided to purchase the game and keep it in my inventory to redeem at a later date (I was still trying to finish Sleeping Dogs). Despite having read some unfavorable comments that got me reconsidering my decision to get the game, I thought it would be better to experience all the ups and downs myself.

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