“Heart&Slash” PC Alpha Impressions: An exhilarating game to try and try again


Kickstarter goal: USD$20,000
Ending: March 19, 2014 (22 days to go)
Amount pledged: USD$15,476
Number of backers:
(Statistics as of 24 February 2014, 08:11 PST)

Note: Screenshots in this article are from a slightly earlier build of the game and are missing the mini-map on the bottom left corner. I have played the Press version, the early Alpha from TIGForums and the current Alpha on Kickstarter for the content of this post.

Last time, we took a brief look at aheartfulofgames’ current crowd-funding campaign for Heart&Slash on this blog’s first ever post for Live on Kickstarter, and looked at the interesting premise the game had for its story and its mechanics. Today, aheartfulofgames has released a Alpha build of the game for public preview and testing, which I managed to get my hands on a couple of days early thanks to the team’s public relations representative. Although a number of core assets and features are still missing, the Heart&Slash Alpha nonetheless still manages to show the great promise I expected from the game.

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Live on Kickstarter: “Heart&Slash” – a retro 3D rogue-like brawler for PC/Mac/Linux


Only 5 days into its Kickstarter campaign, aheartfulofgames’ first ever project Heart&Slash has already amassed USD$13,400 out of its USD$20,000 goal from over 250 backers so far. The project was unveiled on the website on February 14 (how fitting!), but has been in the works for almost a year and will hopefully be fully released by December this year. What initially began as a part-time personal project for lead developer and creative director Juan Raigada is now beginning to look like a full-time endeavor.

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Introducing a new feature column: Live on Kickstarter!


Steam Tags was released a few days ago so I decided to take a look my recommended tags to see just how accurate it was. As I scrolled down the page, I was surprised to see “Kickstarter” as one of my top ones. It got me thinking about my recent game preferences, and indeed a number of the games I purchased or have put on my wishlist as of late have actually been games that have been funded through the crowd-funding website.

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